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Family Business!

Jordan Wikel, Owner and Operator of Spartan Landscaping LLC has an innate entrepreneurial determination, from a family of Entrepreneurs.  There are many reasons to why choosing a Family Business – Spartan Landscaping LLC – for your professional services is the right choice when conducting business locally:

Family members in business tend to demonstrate a greater sense of loyalty to each other, their business, customers, and clients. They also tend to be more committed to the success of the business and are more passionate about what the business stands for.

Families in business have an opportunity to create a lasting legacy that brings with it a sense of accomplishment and a strong sense of pride. Building on the efforts of their forefathers is a strong motivator for subsequent generations to become stewards of the family business and carry it to new expectations in quality service – all in the name of the family.

Access to quality labor
Multi-generational family businesses have access to a labor pond of family members who tend to be more loyal and committed to the business. Family members also tend to be more flexible in taking on different job functions and filling in for others.

Key Employees
Key employees (non-family) appreciate and enjoy the unique work environment created by a family business, by allowing a more passionate work experience every day. The workplace tends to be less formal, more hands on and more personable, which is passed on to the customers with positive interpersonal communication. Many key employees are treated like extended family and develop a strong bond with the family and the family business.

Family businesses tend to be less driven by short-term financial results and are prepared to sacrifice short-term gains for
the achievement of longer-term goals, which allows them to align resources with strategic objectives.

Family business owners have the opportunity to teach and pass along their business and personal values to the next generation of family owners. Family members take pride in upholding these traditional values and build them into their day-to-day work as a reflection of these family values.

Community and Philanthropy
Most family businesses are incredibly active in their local communities. The communities benefit from both the family members as supporters and through financial reinvestment and employment opportunities. This commitment to the community tends to provide family members with the opportunity and rewards that stem from this ongoing community support.